Jornadas Monetarias y Bancarias

Las Jornadas Monetarias y Bancarias organizadas por el Banco Central convocan a destacados economistas, a nivel local e internacional a discutir temas de política macroeconómica, monetaria y financiera. También se llevan a cabo conferencias sobre temas puntuales.

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Fecha Autor Titulo Abrir
2015 Adair Turner Central Banking and Monetary Policy After the Crisis
2015 Andrew Sheng Financial Reform or Financial Restructuring: Role of Credit in EMEs
2015 Carlos Marichal Two Centuries of Latin American External Debts, 1822-2010: Loan Booms, Debt Crises, Normal Bankers and Vultures. A Long Term Historical Perspective
2015 Cristina Marcuzzo The Warning of the Quantity Theory of Money
2015 Dimitri Papadimitriou Prospects and Policies for Greece After SYRIZA
2015 Domenico Lombardi Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Current Challenges, Future Pathways
2015 Jan Toporowski Money and Monetary Policy in the View of Kalecki
2015 Jomo Kwame Sundaram Recent Food Price Trends
2015 Kazimierz Laski Budget Deficit, Fiscal Austerity and Kalecki's Profit Equation
2015 Kevin Gallagher Ruling Capital: Emerging Markets and the Reregulation of Cross-Border Finance
2015 Lee Buchheit Sovereign Debt Restructurings - Recent Developments and Future Prospects
2015 Marc Lavoie Rethinking Macroeconomic Theory in Light of the Crisis
2015 Mark Setterfield Won’t Get Fooled Again - Or Will We? Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty, and "Policy Model Complacency"
2015 Perry Mehrling Why is Money Difficult?
2015 Philip Mirowski Some Unpleasant Crisis Postmortems
2015 Raymond Torres Jobs, Inequalities and the World Economy
2015 Richard Kozul-Wright Development Prospects in an Era of Secular Stagnation
2015 Verónica Amarante Desigualdad en el Mundo y en América Latina
2015 Yu Yongding Financial Globalization and Policy Autonomy in China
2014 Amar Bhattacharya New Development Context and Challenges for Emerging Markets and Developing Countries
2014 Dimitri Tsomocos How Does Macroprudential Regulation Change Bank Credit Supply?