Supervision Guidelines | Information Technology External Audit

The Information Technology External Audit Management Office created the Internal Commission of New Technologies in answer to the evolution of the technology infrastructure of the financial system with the advent of new resources or functionalities. The Commission is in charge of analyzing the impact of technological innovation with a view to creating new supervision practices in financial institutions in a manner that is consistent with foreseen or detected changes.

It laid down guidelines for producing a series of documents regarding the control review procedures implemented by financial institutions. This information will be published to achieve three main objectives:

  • To provide greater transparency to the process of supervision of control related to technology, IT systems and information security of financial institutions.
  • To keep supervision practices up to date in a context of substantial changes and innovation.
  • To implement robust control systems in financial institutions.

Supervision guidelines were designed to align the methodological framework with the technological scenario described above.

> Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience -in Spanish-

> Business Continuity Management -in Spanish-

> IT Management-in Spanish-

> Digital Identification in Financial Institutions-in Spanish-

> Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI)-in Spanish-

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