Annual Report

The BCRA resumed the publication of the Annual Report in 2016. This report informs the community about the actions carried out by the BCRA to comply with the provisions of Section 3 of its Charter: “The purpose of the Bank is to promote—within the framework of its powers and the policies set by the National Government—monetary and financial stability, employment, and economic development with social equality,” thus promoting greater equality of opportunities. 2016

2016 - in Spanish -

Historical Archive

From 1935 to 1989, the BCRA published a summary of its actions in the Annual Report. The digital files of these documents are available here:


The printed collection, whose latest published copy covers the 1989 – 1993 period, can be consulted at Biblioteca Prebisch (Mondays through Fridays, from 10 am to 3 pm at Reconquista 250, basement level one. City of Buenos Aires).