Financial Inclusion Indicators

Databases on access and use of financial services by natural persons and micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Argentina.

The data (from reporting regimes of financial institutions regulated by the BCRA and of institutions subject to reporting requirements) are submitted in open format to facilitate their use, modification and dissemination. They are broken down by geographical level, age group and gender, among other classifications.

1. Access Points to Financial Services

Access points to financial services shape the financial infrastructure of Argentina. They include bank branches, ATMs, self-service terminals, mobile branches, and supplementary agencies of financial services.

  • 1.4 Municipalities with at Least One Access Point
2. Financing to Natural Persons

Financial indicators are based on all loans granted to natural or legal persons by institutions that report to the BCRA. Such information is gathered in the Debtors' Database (Central de Deudores, CENDEU). This includes all banks, finance companies and credit and/or purchase card issuers as well as other non-financial credit providers who also report their debtors.

BCRA means the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. The BCRA offers neither banking nor financial services to the general public.

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