Central Banks Discuss Emerging Countries’ Dollarization

Central bank’s representatives from Russia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina will deal with “dollarization in emerging countries: history, current dilemmas and prospects” during a web conference that will be held on March 4 and 5.

The discussion is coordinated by the Economic Research Deputy General Management Office headed by Germán Feldman, chief economist of the BCRA.

It is part of the academic work developed by the BCRA since the beginning of 2020, and will continue along 2021 with various meetings and debates. The 2021 Seminar Series on Economics already began on February 19.

Upon the closure of the conference, presentations will be available on the YouTube channel of the BCRA.


Opening and closing remarks by Miguel Pesce, BCRA President, and Germán Feldman, Economic Research Deputy General Manager (BCRA). Dollarization, Financial Stability Risks and Monetary Policy Implementation: Exploring Connections. Alexander Morozov, Director of Research and Forecasting Department. Central Bank of Russia.

21 Years of Dollarization in Ecuador: Lessons and Prospects. Marco Santiago Segovia Larrea, National Department of Macroeconomic Synthesis. Central Bank of Ecuador.

Divisia Aggregates and Money Demand in Paraguay. Luis Antonio Molinas Sosa, Researcher. Central Bank of Paraguay.

Financial Dollarization in Argentina. Eduardo Ariel Corso, Macrofinancial Modeling Deputy Manager. BCRA.

Dollarization and De-Dollarization in Peru. Adrián Armas, Central Manager of Economic Studies. Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

March 3, 2021.

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