How to Operate Bank Accounts Safely

- The BCRA will neither call nor contact you through any channel asking for personal or banking data.

- No transfer of money will be required as a condition to collect your retirement pay, pension or any other benefits. All pensions or benefits are free of charge. You do not need to hire an intermediary or agent.

- People with fake profiles in social media pretending to be banks, financial institutions or a member of their support team may contact you to steal your banking data. Upon identifying a fake profile of the BCRA or any other institution, you may report the account as spam through the app for potential fraud alerts.


1. Do not disclose your personal data (such as username, password, PIN, social security code, token, and ID (original or copy)) over the phone, by email, on social media or WhatsApp, or through text messages; you will neither be requested to send nor post a picture of yourself. Your bank will not ask for this information either.

2. Do not enter personal or banking data on websites through links received by email. They may be fraudulent. Keep you contact details up to date with your bank.

3. Do not accept benefits where you are required to transfer money in return.

4. Do not accept help from third parties, whether in person or over the phone, when using an ATM. Remember that speaking on a mobile phone at banking and ATM facilities is forbidden.

5. If in doubt, contact your bank through any of its official channels.

By taking care of your personal and banking information, you may prevent fraud.


November 30, de 2020.

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