First Meeting of Women Directors of Public Banks

The Promotion of Gender Policies, Respect and Appropriate Workplace Behavior Management Office of the BCRA will hold the first meeting of women directors of public banks. The meeting will be held on August 3, 2020 in virtual format.

Claudia Berger and Betina Stein (BCRA), Cecilia Bugna (Banco Nación), Juliana Di Tullio and Julia Strada (Banco Provincia), Delfina Rossi (Banco Ciudad), Laura Isabel Sprovieri (Banco de Corrientes SA), Rosana Castaño (Banco de La Pampa) and Cecilia Nahón (World Bank) will take part in the meeting to discuss institutional policies on gender and diversity in public banks.

The work plan will include a diagnosis of the present situation regarding institutional policies on gender and diversity. They will also endeavor to identify priority policies on gender and diversity: protocols for addressing violence, gender rebalancing policies and policies for the organization of paid and unpaid work.

July 31, 2020.

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