Retirees No Longer Need to Submit a Life Certificate in Person

BCRA jubilados

The National Government has implemented a federal platform for Digital Certificate of Vital Events, which basically allows 7 million retirees to submit a life certificate without coming to financial institutions. Likewise, birth certificates for newborns will be obtained in a more simple way.

The platform was launched by Wado de Pedro, Minister of the Interior; Ginés González García, Minister of Health; Fernanda Raverta, Head of the Argentine Social Security Administration (Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social, ANSES); and Miguel Pesce, President of the BCRA, at the Coat of Arms Hall in the Government House. José Lepere, Secretary of the Interior; Micaela Sánchez Malcom, Secretary of Public Innovation; and Santiago Rodríguez, Head of the Office of Vital Statistics (Registro Nacional de las Personas, RENAPER), were also present.

This administrative procedure had been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As from tomorrow, the new tool will be available for 90 days as a pilot test, and 7 million retirees of the Integrated Argentine Social Security System (Sistema Integrado Previsional Argentino, SIPA) will be relieved from submitting a life certificate in person, once the 24 provinces have joined the program.

The platform will be federally integrated with the civil registries of all jurisdictions, the Ministries of Health of the provinces, the Health Care Program for Retirees (Programa de Atención Médica Integral, PAMI), financial institutions, and other government bodies and private institutions.

This tool is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Health and the ANSES. It has been entirely developed in Argentina and is run by the RENAPER, which is under the scope of the Ministry of the Interior.

Thus, government bodies and private institutions will have access to digital information in real time for procedures related to health policies, social security, verification of identity and financial inclusion.

September 4, 2020.

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