Presentation of the 2019 PIF in Rosario

June 26, 2019. The 2019 Financial Innovation Program (PIF) was presented yesterday at the Fintech Event held at the Rosario Stock Exchange, in the province of Santa Fe. Startups, entrepreneurs, banks and groups of accelerators took part in the event, where Conrado Bozzini, who works for the Financial Development Management office, discussed the objectives of, and participation requirements for, the 2019 PIF as well as the specifics of every stage of the program.

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) and the National Securities Commission (CNV) call for creating digital tools and seeking solutions based on the following challenges:

• Businesses Other than Banks | Encourage the development of services offered by businesses other than banks through the use of technology.
• Mobile & Online Banking | Improve users’ experience in mobile and online banking through technology.
• Digital Validation | Use biometric identification to validate bank and capital market transactions.
• Financial Education | Apply technology to develop interactive contents in order to bring people close to the financial arena as well as banking and capital market issues.
• Regtech | Apply technology to comply with the regulations issued by the BCRA and the CNV.
• Market Infrastructure | Apply technology to achieve a more efficient financial system and/or capital market infrastructure.

To submit projects or ideas, you may use this form through July 29


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