Bank Account for Immigrants

The BCRA promotes access to savings accounts in pesos free of charge for immigrants. These accounts are free of charge if monthly transactions in cash do not exceed ARS50,000 and the account balance is not higher than ARS312,500.

Like Argentine citizens, immigrants are only required to produce their identification document for opening a savings account in pesos. In order to prove identity, people must submit an ID issued by the Office of Vital Statistics (RENAPER in Spanish) or passport from its country of origin. MERCOSUR immigrants may also submit their travel documentation.

Some of the benefits of having access to a savings account are: getting a debit card; doing transactions through online banking and ATMs; making non-remote and/or online purchases; making free and instant domestic transfers; making service payments; topping up SUBE cards; making time deposits; requesting/adhering to the DEBIN system.

According to National Bureau of Migration, more than 200,000 immigrants settled in Argentina during 2018, mainly coming from the fifteen countries that follow: Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, China, the United States, Spain, Mexico, France and Italy. 93% of immigrants with temporary or permanent residence permit are from MERCOSUR country members.

This campaign combines efforts towards actions of financial inclusion carried out by the BCRA to promote more accessible financial services and tools: opening of savings accounts in pesos for teenagers; financial education campaign #SaberEsCentral and the Financial Innovation Program (PIF), among others.

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