In-Person Banking to be Resumed Without Appointment Ensuring Compliance with Sanitary Regulations

Under the resolution adopted by the Board of the BCRA, financial institutions and companies providing financial related services may be open to the public as from Monday without an appointment.

In the event of giving priority to clients with an appointment, financial institutions shall clearly state so on their websites. The waiting time for an appointment may not exceed three business days, and the scheduling process should be easy completed through the website or other electronic means. In-person banking assistance should be quick. Both options (in-person banking with or without an appointment) may be offered if the capacity so allows, giving priority to customers with an appointment and people with a Single Certificate of Disability or those physically impaired.

This regulation applies to:

- Financial institutions.

- Non-financial credit and/or purchase card issuers.

- Other registered non-financial credit providers.

- Exchange houses.

- Non-bank bill collection agencies.

The payment of retirement pay or social security benefits must be made according to the schedule established by the corresponding body. Beneficiaries may also request other service or assistance on the day on which they collect their retirement pay, pension and/or benefit.

Institutions under the scope of this resolution have to strictly comply with sanitary regulations and recommendations issued by national and/or jurisdictional health authorities ensuring the provision of sanitary and cleaning supplies, and compliance with physical distancing.

In this sense, the general preventive measures provided for by Executive Order No. 678/21, as amended, must be followed. The following rules should be highlighted:

- People should keep 2 meters apart.

- People should wear face masks in shared spaces.

- Enclosed spaces must be properly and constantly ventilated.

- People should regularly wash their hands.

November 11, 2021.

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