The BCRA Launches the ARS10,000 Banknote

Today, the BCRA puts into circulation the new ARS10,000 banknote, which will be gradually distributed through the network of bank branches and ATMs across the country.

The banknote features the portrait of Manuel Belgrano and María Remedios del Valle, heroine of the War of Independence, on the obverse. The reverse displays an artistic recreation of the pledge of allegiance to the Argentine flag that took place on February 27, 1812. The portrait of Belgrano is attributed to François Casimir Carbonnier, a French artist, and the one of the heroine belongs to the work “La Capitana” (The Captain) by Gisela Banzer, an Argentine artist.

The ARS10,000 banknote, as well as the ARS20,000 banknote with the portrait of Juan Bautista Alberdi—which will be released into circulation in the last quarter of 2024—will significantly lower the cost of finished banknotes, and streamline transactions and logistics in the financial system. Both banknotes belong to the “Heroines and Heroes of the Nation” series.

billete de 10000

Security Features

The new ARS10,000 banknote has strict security features introduced by special printing systems, which are mainly aimed at contributing to recognition by both the general public and machines. They are detailed below:

Watermark: On the white area, the portraits of María Remedios del Valle and Manuel Belgrano become visible, and their initials come out in a light color.

Windowed security thread: There is a red three-windowed security thread inserted into the banknote. The thread has a dynamic effect as the banknote is tilted. A continuous band with the acronym BCRA becomes visible when holding the banknote up to the light.

Optical variability ink: The image changes color from golden to green as the banknote is tilted, creating a three-dimensional dynamic effect.

The new banknote has two other security features: a latent image (the initials RA become visible when the banknote is held up horizontally at eye level and to the light), and a see-through register (the obverse and reverse combine to form the 10,000 denomination).

As for the features for the visually impaired, the banknote has a series of raised, parallel lines along its short edges.

May 7, 2024

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