The BCRA Deems Gender-Inclusive Language Valid

BCRA guia

The BCRA’s Board issued a resolution to approve the Guide for Gender-Inclusive Communication, which aims to acknowledge gender-inclusive language in communications, files, forms, documents and statements prepared by the BCRA.

“In line with the National Government, the BCRA’s authorities have deemed gender policies and respect for diversity relevant. The first step was the creation of a management office to address these issues. Additionally, the Board has approved the Guide for Gender-Inclusive Communication, adopting an effective tool for using a gender-inclusive language, in accordance with the national and international regulations in effect”, said Board Director Betina Stein.

The Guide was prepared by the Strategic Communications Management Office and bolstered by the Promotion of Gender Policies, Respect and Appropriate Workplace Behavior Management Office.

“The approval of this Guide puts the BCRA in an advanced position in this regard. It is an effective tool that will help us be more inclusive, more humane, more respectful, and more equal. It will encourage us to search and find new ways of communicating ideas ‘on an inclusive and respectful basis’ in texts such as reports, legal opinions or regulations, which tend to be structured and rigid”, said Claudia Berger, Deputy Superintendent of Financial and Foreign Exchange Institutions.

The newly-adopted resolution seeks to avoid gender-biased communication, sexist statements, stereotypes and discrimination, and to make all gender identities visible. The goal is to gradually move from using a male-generic language to addressing all genders.

The Guide contains specific examples, suggestions and recommendations for the name of collectives and groups, titles and positions, the use of articles, pronouns, and impersonal forms, and the selection of pictures.

“Gender-inclusive language is a feminist pedagogy of acknowledgement with an impact on the hegemony of a sexist language that sparks off segregation, hierarchy and violence. This policy leads to a more equitable workplace and seeks to prevent violence, especially that perpetrated against the right to gender identity”, said María Celeste Perosino, Promotion of Gender Policies, Respect and Appropriate Workplace Behavior Manager.

This decision on gender-inclusive language signifies an institutional commitment and a contribution towards a fairer society.

August 6, 2020.

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