The BCRA and the House of Representatives Make Progress on a Joint Financial Education Project

The President of the BCRA, Miguel Pesce, and the President of the House of Representatives of Argentina, Cecilia Moreau, have signed a cooperation agreement to coordinate and intensify efforts and measures aimed at strengthening and promoting financial education across the country. Both institutions will work on the development and distribution of educational and pedagogical materials, as well as on the provision of financial education training for the general public, giving priority to the most vulnerable sectors of the population. In this context, financial education courses will be provided to the staff of the House of Representatives, and will include specific contents with a gender- and diversity-oriented perspective.

This way, the BCRA and the House of Representatives will contribute to the development of skills that encourage users to make informed decisions with a focus on: comparison and choice of financial products, assessment of savings and investment strategies, use of electronic means of payments and electronic channels for different transactions, and understanding of credit instruments, among other topics. The agreement provides for the signing of supplementary arrangements between the Financial Regulations Deputy General Management Office of the BCRA and the Administrative Secretariat of the House of Representatives for the development and implementation of measures and the offering of resource materials.

December 28, 2022

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