3.0 Transfers: more than two million transactions in interoperable environments in less than two months

Interoperable QR code transactions continue increasing and 2.01 million transactions have already been made. This data was recorded on January 16, less than two months after the full implementation of 3.0 Transfers on November 29. The volume of transactions amounted to ARS3,509 million.

The use of the new standardized QR code payment system consolidated in a very short time and keeps on following an upward trend. In December, daily transactions averaged 39,115, rising to 46,828 in the first 16 days of January.

In addition, interoperable daily transactions reached a peak of 79,000 on January 7.

The full interoperability among electronic wallets is promoting the use of digital payments by users.

3.0 Transfers is an innovative system implemented by the BCRA. It is based on a new digital, open, and universal ecosystem of payments, and facilitates access to digital payments.

Users will be able to make payments by reading QR codes with any electronic wallet or bank app on their phones, transferring funds from bank accounts using a single banking code (CBU) and from payment service provider accounts using a single virtual code (CVU).

Payments by transfer are accessible, efficient and safe, avoiding the use of cash or debit cards.

This new open and universal ecosystem also boosts competition among the players in the system, thus creating better conditions for users and shops.


January 22, 2022..

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