Thomas Sargent, Nobel Prize in Economics, visited the Central Bank

foto de Federico Sturzenegger junto a Thomas Sargent

Federico Sturzenegger had a meeting with Thomas Sargent where they talked about the economic global situation and the Argentine situation in particular and they analyzed the last Central Bank´s measures regarding monetary policy.

Lucas Llach, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank; Demian Reidel, Director; Mariano Flores Vidal, General Manager; Andrés Neumeyer, Deputy General Manager for Economic Research; and Agustín Collazo, Deputy General Manager for Operations also participated in the meeting. Moreover, Professor Sargent exchanged ideas on the methods used by the Central Bank to make forecasts together with the Central Bank economic research team.

Thomas Sargent is one of the most prominent macroeconomists in the history of economic discipline.

He received a Nobel Prize in Economics together with Christopher Sim in 2011. He has a Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard University, taught in the United States leading universities and he is currently a Professor in New York University. Moreover, Thomas Sargent´s contributions to the understanding of the dynamic characters of economies and the expectations crucial role in explaining their macroeconomic performance have been –and continue to be- huge. In addition, he contributed to the understanding of fiscal sustainability for price stability.

June 3th, 2016

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