Week Devoted to Financial Literacy for Children and Youth

March 25, 2019. Today is the first day of the #GlobalMoneyWeek aimed at raising awareness on the importance of making children and youth acquire early saving habits, encouraging their financial inclusion, promoting their participation, increasing their knowledge on topics related to money handling and offering them planning tools to develop their projects and reach their objectives.

During March 25-31, all the institutions that have been invited to participate will carry out educational activities such as visits to museums, workshops and presentations in this regard.

In turn, the BCRA—leading institution in Argentina—will hold financial education workshops in different cities of the province of Mendoza, host guided tours at the Museum and publish trivia questions about banknotes, numismatics and financial services on social networks.

Other 37 institutions joined this initiative, among which there were provincial ministries of education, commercial banks, foundations, schools, start-ups, bank associations and FinTechs.

The Global Money Week is an international campaign in which more than 150 countries participate. It has been coordinated since 2012 by the non-profit organization Child & Youth Finance International.


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