New Contents on #SaberEsCentral

Verónica Rappoport

June 12, 2019. To encourage the opening and further use of salary accounts for household employees, the third regulation was included in #SaberEsCentral, the BCRA’s financial education platform.

This new content provides information on the options available to both household employees and their employers with regard to the opening of salary accounts at their bank of choice in order to collect or deposit the salary, as appropriate. It also highlights the benefits of using the free of charge electronic means of payment offered by this product. This initiative has been designed for household employees to adopt new financial skills for their own benefit in their daily life.

Germán San Lorenzo, Financial Inclusion and Education Deputy Manager, together with a family of digital characters of #SaberEsCentral, explain in a video what is required to open an account, the advantages of having a linked debit card, and the benefits of using online banking.

#SaberEsCentral is a digital platform where the BCRA posts regulations promoting the use of bank accounts and electronic means of payment by financial service users. One of the main responsibilities of the BCRA is to provide users with tools and services that promote financial inclusion. #SaberEsCentral therefore becomes a key tool for making people develop their financial capabilities and, consequently, for contributing to economic development.

- Savings accounts for teenagers

- Simplified process for closing any type of accounts

- Social allowance accounts

- Salary accounts opened by workers

- Current accounts for SAS corporations


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