Meeting of the Mercosur Macroeconomic Monitoring Group

gráfico REM abril

June 5, 2019. The BCRA hosted the Meeting of the Macroeconomic Monitoring Group (GMM in Spanish) of Mercosur and Associated States, and of the Macroeconomic Dialog Commission. The meeting took place in Buenos Aires on June 3-4, 2019.

The GMM is in charge of developing and monitoring a common method for harmonizing macroeconomic statistics in the region, and approaching topics of common interest, as requested by the ministers of economy and the central bank governors of Mercosur. The group gathers twice a year in the country which has taken over the pro tempore chair of Mercosur (in this case, Argentina). It discusses the international context and its impact on the region, along with the situation in each country. It also monitors indicators that are significant for the macroeconomic policy of member countries.

Officers of the ministries of economy and central banks of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia (countries in the process of adherence to Mercosur) and Chile (as associated state) attended the meeting. Top row, left to right: Federico Grillo and Juan Larralde (BCRA), Tulio Lenti Maciel (Central Bank of Brazil), Andrés Masoller (Central Bank of Uruguay) and Carlos Medel (Central Bank of Chile). Middle row: Carolina Zanino, Santiago Massia and Iván Baumann (Ministry of Economy, Argentina), Mauro Alessandro (BCRA) and José Nelson Bessa Maia (Ministry of Economy, Brazil). Front row: Laura Rubin (Central Bank of Bolivia), Guillermo Ortiz (Central Bank of Paraguay), Horacio Aguirre (BCRA), Rolando Sapriza (Ministry of Economy, Paraguay), Victoria Buccieri (Ministry of Economy, Argentina), Carlos Gonzáles Rocabado (Central Bank of Bolivia) and Henrique de Godoy (Central Bank of Brazil).

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