Imports of agricultural products to maintain normal trade flows

The BCRA will establish a mechanism to allow importers of fertilizers and plant protection agents to access the official foreign exchange market in accordance with commercial practices. This is to ensure the normal and customary trade flow of inputs for the agricultural activity.

The decision was announced by the President of the BCRA, Miguel Pesce, at a meeting held with corporate executives of the agricultural sector, the Vice President of the BCRA, Sergio Woyecheszen, and the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Fernando Echazarreta.

The private sector was represented by Marco Prenna, Argentine Chamber of Fertilizers and Agrochemicals Industry (Cámara de la Industria Argentina de Fertilizantes y Agroquímicos, CIAFA); Federico Landgraf, Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers (Cámara de Sanidad Agropecuaria y Fertilizantes, CASAFE); Gustavo Idigoras, Chamber of Oil Industry (Cámara de la Industria Aceitera, CIARA); Guillermo Garcia, Bunge Argentina; Alejandro Bertone, Argentine Cooperative Association (Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas, ACA), and Alejandro Benvenuto, Dreyfus. Executives expressed their commitment to supply agricultural inputs and to pass-through dollar prices to domestic prices in the official foreign exchange market.

In addition, they highlighted that the inputs required for wheat planting are nationalized and traded almost in full. Moreover, they undertook to make available any necessary inputs for the next harvest seasons of corn and soybean, among other crops.

June 9, 2020.

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