The BCRA held a meeting with public agencies and the UN human rights delegation

The BCRA met with the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group headed by Pichamon Yeophantong, and representatives of stated-owned companies and self-administered entities of Argentina. The meeting was held at Palacio San Martin last February 16.

The activity undertaken in the discussion table is part of the information-gathering process. It is aimed to draw up a report on Argentina's human rights as well as transnational corporations and other companies, which will be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2023. Carla Cambellotti, a Manager reporting to the General Management Office, attended the meeting on behalf of the BCRA to inform about the topic of integration.

The BCRA gave an account of the genuine progress achieved in the areas related to human rights, transparency and integrity, and environmental issues. It further pointed out the effort made by different areas to keep up to date for staying ahead of international best practices.

Last year, the BCRA joined the Integrity Network of the Anti-Corruption Office, an institutional space for cooperation among public agencies intended to promote programs on prevention, transparency, and public ethics.

March 6, 2023

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