10th National Painting Award 2017 at the Museum of the Central Bank until March 30

The exhibition will be open to the public at San Martín 216, Capital City of Buenos Aires, until Friday, March 30, Mondays through Fridays, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

The exhibition will display Liliana Porter’s work “Viajero (con zapatos negros)” (Traveler in black shoes), winner of the Great Prize for Distinguished Painters.

The finalist works, selected out of more than 900 artists from all over the country, will also be exhibited.

The competition jury was composed of prominent figures—Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias, Roberto Amigo, Claudia del Río, Florencia Battiti and Lucas Di Pascuale, and curator Eva Grinstein. The winning works are as follows:

• Guadalupe Fernández Santamaría was awarded the first Purchase Prize for her work “Villa Crespo”, while the second Prize for the same category was for Florencia Bohtlingk for her work “Cien años de soledad” (One hundred years of solitude).

• Lux Lindner won the award for the third Purchase Prize for his work “Limpieza” (Cleanliness).

• In the Honorable Mentions category for people under 35, María Gimena Herrera received the award for the first Purchase Prize for her work “Hernán”, while Evangelina Aybar was awarded the second one for “Romance”.

• As in former years, there were purchase mentions for each category: the first one was awarded to José Luis Landet and his work “Paisaje y manifestación” (Landscape and manifestation), and the second one to José Luis Meirás for “Radiofoto Silvio Frondizi” (Radio-picture Silvio Frondizi).

• The Purchase Mentions for Young Artists were awarded to Valeria López and her work “Untitled (Series: Design & Error)”, Florentina González for her untitled work, and Ornella Pocetti for her work “Agave”. As in previous editions, the exhibition will be displayed in different Argentine cities.

The federal scope and itinerant nature of the exhibition aim to contribute to the spread of artistic expressions from various cultural centers and validate artists belonging to different generations, schools and trends worthy of the public’s knowledge and recognition.


March 2nd, 2018

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