Winners of the Central Bank National Painting Award

pnp 2019

December 3, 2019. Today, the XII National Painting Award 2019 was given at the Museum of the BCRA. In this edition, more than 800 plastic artists from all over the country took part in the contest. The jury was composed of Carolina Antoniadis, Diego Perrotta, Viviana Usubiaga, Francisco Lemus and Andrea Elías, with Rodrigo Alonso as curator.

The award ceremony was hosted by Guido Sandleris, Governor of the BCRA; Gustavo Cañonero, Deputy Governor; Verónica Rappoport, Alternate Deputy Governor; and Nicolás Gadano, General Manager. Artists, jury members and prominent cultural figures were also called to participate. On the same occasion, the exhibition of the National Painting Award 2019 was opened and will be displayed at the Museum through February 28, 2020.


Great Prize for Distinguished Painters | ARS 300,000

Josefina Robirosa, Sin título

First Purchase Prize | ARS 225,000
Silvia Gurfein, El trabajo en lo echado a perder (Work on What has been Spoiled)

Second Purchase Prize | ARS 150,000
Verónica Calfat, Untitled

Third Purchase Prize | ARS 100,000
Mario Scorzelli, El ideal desconocido (Retratos de liberales) (The Unknown Ideal (Portraits of Liberals)

Ernesto Julio Alli, Expolio (Plunder)

Stimulus Prize for Artists under 35

First Purchase Prize | ARS 95,000
Alfredo Frías, Ya sabía que se rompía (I Knew It Would Break)

Second Purchase Prize | ARS 75,000
Emiliano Guerresi, La Virgen del Conurbano (The Virgin of the Suburbs)

Third Purchase Prize | ARS 50,000
Daiana Martinello, Franklin

Ángeles Ascúa, De la serie Bin Bin (From the Bin Bin Series)

Great Prize for Distinguished Painters

The Great Prize for Distinguished Painters was awarded to Josefina Robirosa, who has made significant contributions to the history of Argentine plastic arts and has worked over lyrical abstraction and figurative forms. Josefina Robirosa was Director of the National Fund for the Arts and, currently, is a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts.

The XII Award exhibition can be visited Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Museum of the BCRA, at San Martín 216, from December 4, 2019 to February 28, 2020.

The 30 selected artworks will be part of an itinerant exhibition in 2020, thus encouraging the relationship between artists and the community, and highlighting the federal spirit of the award.

The Central Bank National Painting Award promotes Argentine contemporary art and brings the work of artists closer to the community. With this initiative, the BCRA has acquired more than 100 works for the BCRA Collection, which includes works by Clorindo Testa, Carlos Alonso, León Ferrari, Gyula Kosice, Julio Le Parc, Liliana Porter, Alejandro Puente, Luis Felipe Noé, Marcia Schvartz, Luis Tomasello and Margarita Paksa, among others.

This collection, which is part of Argentina’s artistic heritage, stands for our culture and identity. More than 8,000 artists have taken part in the competition so far, and the itinerant exhibition has been in almost all the provinces of our country.

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