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Financial Innovation Program | Last Days Call to Join in

Have you done any research on digitalization, new means of payment, scoring or the way to encourage transparency and financial education?

Upload your/your team’s project to platform and take part in the Financial Innovation Program (PIF) 2018. The deadline is Tuesday, July 31.

The program seeks to promote technological innovation with a view to developing—on a sustainable basis and within everybody’s reach—financial services that may enable to face current challenges:

digitalization, electronic payments, alternative scoring and financial users.

If you want to participate in the contest, please fill in the following:

1. Project topic.

2. Short description (problem identified and solution proposed).

3. Background information on similar products and services in the market.

4. Description of the project operation.

5. Attach your project following the abovementioned guidelines (in .pdf format). Extension recommended: 15 slides

Selected projects

The ten selected projects move to the Enhancement stage where candidates will have the chance to seek the advice of experts and leaders in the IT industry to improve their projects, and will participate for prizes of AR$94,000, AR$66,000 and AR$40,000.

July 27th, 2018

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