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05/21/2019 Evolution of the Foreign Exchange Market and Exchange Balance, April 2109
05/16/2019 Report on the Monitoring of the Monetary Base Target
05/14/2019 Statistical Bulletin, May 2019
05/12/2019 Sandleris Met Jerome Powell at BIS
05/10/2019 Redesigning DEBIN to Streamline Transactions
05/03/2019 Market Expectations Survey (REM)
04/29/2019 Decisions Taken by the Monetary Policy Council (COPOM)
04/16/2019 Survey on Credit Conditions, First Quarter 2019
04/15/2019 US Dollar Sale Auction Held by Order and for Account of the Ministry of Economy
04/12/2019 Statistical Bulletin, April 2019
04/08/2019 Monthly Monetary Report | March 2019
04/05/2019 Online Time Deposits: At any Bank for non-Clients
04/05/2019 Financial services user protection—further amendments
04/03/2019 Market Expectations Survey (REM)
04/01/2019 Report on the Monitoring of the Monetary Base Target
04/01/2019 Decisions Taken by the Monetary Policy Council (COPOM)
03/25/2019 Week Devoted to Financial Literacy for Children and Youth
03/14/2019 Guido Sandleris at Dinner Organized by Fundación Mediterránea
03/14/2019 Statistical Bulletin, March 2019
03/06/2019 Gustavo Cañonero at the XVI Global Markets Seminar
03/06/2019 Market Expectations Survey (REM)
02/28/2019 Update of the Maximum Coverage under the Deposit Insurance Scheme
02/08/2019 Last Days to Visit the Exhibition of the XI Central Bank National Painting Award at the Museum of the BCRA
01/24/2019 The Embassy of the Republic of Poland Donated a Coin to Our Museum
01/17/2019 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Deputies Meeting
01/15/2019 Survey on Credit Conditions, fourth quarter 2018
01/14/2019 Statistical Bulletin, January 2019
01/07/2019 Agreement to digitalize documents for information sharing purposes
01/03/2019 Market Expectations Survey (REM)
01/02/2019 Report on the Monitoring of the Monetary Base Target - December 31, 2018
01/02/2019 Decisions taken by the BCRA Monetary Policy Council
12/18/2018 The BCRA Has Launched the New ARS100 Banknote
12/17/2018 Monitoring of the Monetary Base Target, December 15, 2018
12/14/2018 Statistical Bulletin, December 2018
12/12/2018 Report on Banks, October 2018
12/11/2018 The winners of the Financial Innovation Program organized by the BCRA
12/11/2018 Governor Sandleris at CIEF 2018
12/11/2018 Financial Education Event in Argentina
12/07/2018 Monthly Monetary Report | November 2018
12/04/2018 Market Expectations Survey (REM) | November 2018
12/10/2018 The BCRA will allow different types of businesses to carry out banking transactions
12/06/2018 Decisions taken by the BCRA Monetary Policy Council
12/05/2018 The Central Bank Opens the XI National Painting Award 2018
12/03/2018 Monitoring of the Monetary Base Target
12/02/2018 The BCRA and the People’s Bank of China signed a supplementary swap agreement for CNY 60 billion
11/29/2018 Sandleris met with Queen Máxima of the Netherlands
11/28/2018 Sandleris closed the meeting “Invest in Argentina: the way forward”
11/26/2018 Mauro Alessandro, New Economic Research Deputy General Manager
11/26/2018 Report on the Evolution of the Foreign Exchange Market and Exchange Balance, October 2018
11/23/2018 Job Opportunities | Strategic Communications Manager
11/11/2018 Sandleris Met with Mario Draghi and Ilan Goldfajn at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
11/07/2018 Guido Sandleris Met with the Governor of the People's Bank of China
11/05/2018 Sandleris’ Presentation of the New Monetary Plan to Investors in London and New York
10/24/2018 Presentation on the Monetary Policy Report | October 2018
09/29/2018 Today, Guido Sandleris Met Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
09/29/2018 XXXV Meeting of South America Central Banks' Governors
09/28/2018 The BCRA Implements a New Monetary Policy Scheme
09/28/2018 BCRA to Reinforce Monetary Policy Contractionary Bias and to Adapt Regulations to the New Monetary Scheme
09/26/2018 New Monetary Policy Scheme
09/25/2018 Guido Sandleris, Governor of the Central Bank
09/25/2018 BCRA’s Governor Luis Caputo Resigns
09/14/2018 BCRA Announces the second stage of the LEBAC Bills Settlement Schedule
08/22/2018 Ideas de Peso | Exports that Matter in Argentina
08/21/2018 2018 Financial Innovation Program (PIF) | Selected Projects
08/16/2018 BCRA to Increase Minimum Reserve Requirements in Pesos by 3 p.p.
08/13/2018 Auction for the Sale of Spot Foreign Currency
08/13/2018 BCRA Announces LEBAC Bills Settlement Schedule
08/08/2018 Ideas de Peso | Now it is time to survey banking products in Cordoba and Rosario
08/07/2018 New Monetary Policy Council
08/01/2018 More than 130 Projects Submitted to the 2018 Financial Innovation Program
07/31/2018 Ideas de Peso | Competitiveness in the Financial System
07/27/2018 Financial Innovation Program | Last Days Call to Join in
07/23/2018 Communiqué | G20 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors Meeting
07/18/2018 The Digital Identity System (SID) Validates Your Identity Remotely
07/02/2018 BCRA to Increase Minimum Reserve Requirements in Pesos by 3 p.p.
06/07/2018 Ideas de Peso | More Points of Access, Less Cash
06/28/2018 BCRA’s Measures to Smooth the Way for Lending to Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
06/18/2018 BCRA Takes Measures to Improve Market Performance
06/28/2018 Auction of Spot Foreign Exchange Sales
06/21/2018 Auction Mechanism for Allocating US Dollars as Requested by the Ministry of Economy
06/18/2018 BCRA Takes Measures to Improve Market Performance
06/11/2018 Ideas de Peso |“Cryptoassets”: Is it Time for Regulation?
06/04/2018 Ideas de Peso | Drought is only expected to affect agricultural activities in the second quarter of 2018
05/30/2018 Janson Collection | Outstanding Works
05/30/2018 Museum of the Central Bank | Anniversary
05/23/2018 Federico Sturzenegger at the XXXV Annual Congress at the Instituto Argentino de Ejecutivos en Finanzas (IAEF)
05/23/2018 The BCRA to Swap LEBAC Bills
05/21/2018 2018 Financial Innovation Program
05/04/2018 BCRA Takes Measures to Stabilize the Market
04/26/2018 Ideas de Peso | Foreign Exchange Interventions and the BCRA’s Balance Sheet
04/25/2018 Ideas de Peso | 2017, A Good Year Even for Foreign Investment
04/23/2018 Governor´s Speech | RAMP Executive Forum
04/23/2018 G20: New Proposals to Enhance Infrastructure
04/19/2018 Loan Incentive Program for Agricultural Producers with Coverage for Adverse Weather Events
04/19/2018 UVA Moneybox and UVA 90-Day Time Deposits
04/11/2018 Ideas de Peso | Cryptoassets: Do They Currently Pose a Systemic Financial Risk? A First Approach of Its Evolution and Relative Relevance
04/11/2018 Non-Financial Companies May Install New ATMs to Already Existing Networks
04/11/2018 Ideas de Peso | Inflation: A tale of two half-years
04/05/2018 Ideas de Peso | Blockchain: How Can This Technology Contribute to the Financial System?
04/04/2018 Federico Sturzenegger's Speech at the Argentine Economic Congress (ExpoEFI)
03/26/2018 Ideas de Peso | REM Analysts Were Right Once Again: Growth Expectations Were Fulfilled
03/22/2018 Banks To Highlight the Total Financial Cost in Agreements
03/20/2018 G20: Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors | Press Conference
03/19/2018 G20: New Proposals to Enhance Infrastructure
03/19/2018 Governor´s Speech | RAMP Executive Forum
03/15/2018 Benefit for Agricultural Producers Affected by Adverse Weather
03/08/2018 Ideas de Peso | Mystery shopper: Examining financial institutions’ new E-Services delivery
03/08/2018 2-Peso Banknotes can be Exchanged until April 27
03/02/2018 10th National Painting Award 2017 at the Museum of the Central Bank until March 30
02/29/2018 Ideas de Peso | Banknotes on the foreign exchange market
02/22/2018 Argentine $500 Bill Wins Award for Best Banknote
12/06/2017 Preliminary analysis of the new INDEC National CPI
06/01/2017 Now all Bank Accounts Have an Alias CBU
05/31/2017 Financial Innovation Event in Mendoza
05/31/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina Published its 2016 Balance Sheet
05/26/2017 The 2016 exhibition of the IX National Painting Award sponsored by the BCRA travels to Salta
05/24/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) has already destroyed 350 million worn banknotes
05/20/2017 Meeting of Central Bank Governors organized by the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA)
04/28/2017 Financial Innovation | Co-Creation, Hackathon and Incubation
04/28/2017 Ideas de Peso | How are retail sales doing? Well, it depends on how they are measured...
04/27/2017 Removal of Limits on Bank Transfers
04/27/2017 BCRA to grant more financing to exporters
04/24/2017 UVA-adjusted Loans Have Already Reached 5 Billion Pesos
04/20/2017 Ideas de Peso | Disinflation and Growth
04/20/2017 BCRA Museum| Production of Banknotes and Coinage
04/18/2017 Presentation on the Monetary Policy Report | April 2017
03/31/2017 BCRA incorporates the most valuable collection of Argentine coins
03/16/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) conducted a survey on the supply of financial services
03/09/2017 The BCRA simplifies the identification of transfers received
03/02/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) to moderate minimum reserve requirements in order to promote saving in pesos
01/25/2017 Presentation on the Monetary Policy Report | January 2017
01/10/2017 The new means of payment boosted by the BCRA became operational
12/29/2016 Open data on the BCRA website
12/27/2016 Ensayos Económicos Journal No. 74
12/22/2016 Measures Adopted | December 2015 - December 2016
12/19/2016 The BCRA awarded the Economic Research Annual Award to 2016 winners
12/16/2016 IX National Painting Award sponsored by the Central Bank of Argentina 2016| Opening and Award Ceremonys
12/12/2016 The Central Bank pays USD 1 billion and pays up its reverse repos with international banks
11/30/2016 The Senate confirmed Sturzenegger’s nomination
11/24/2016 New savings accounts for the underaged
11/24/2016 5° UTDT BCRA Annual Conference on Economy
11/24/2016 #Financial Hackathon | Winners
11/22/2016 Federico Sturzenegger on the XXII Argentine Industrial Conference organized by the Argentine industrial union
11/18/2016 Opening of #HackatonFinanciero. Live broadcast
11/16/2016 100° Anniversary of the Tornquinst Library
11/03/2016 The BCRA has relaxed the operations of foreign exchange houses
11/02/2016 Financial Innovation Hackathon
11/01/2016 Economy Workshop | Klaus Schmidt-Hebbell
10/31/2016 The Central Bank pays off its liabilities to the BIS
10/27/2016 The Museum of the Central Bank at the Museums Night
10/26/2016 IX National Painting Award sponsored by the Central Bank of Argentina - 2016 Edition| Nominees
10/26/2016 The BCRA launches the 200-peso bill
10/19/2016 Characteristic features of mortgage loans denominated in UVAs
10/18/2016 Presentation on the Monetary Policy Report | October 2016
10/14/2016 Federico Sturzenegger at the Institute for Business Development in Argentina (IDEA)
10/11/2016 Round table on inclusive finance chaired by Federico Sturzenegger with Queen Máxima as a prominent figure
09/29/2016 Demian Reidel Presentation in the XXXVII Annual Conference at IAEF
09/26/2016 Argentina’s Inflation Targets Regime. Press Conference
09/22/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina regulates online check deposits
09/19/2016 2016 Money and Banking Conferences
09/15/2016 BCRA regulates the expansion of instruments for long-term savings and credit facilities
09/12/2016 Economy Workshop | Iván Werning (MIT)
09/09/2016 Savings accounts may be opened online
09/08/2016 Speech by Luchas Lach Deputy Governor of the Central Bank in the commemorative meeting of the 39th anniversary of the Mediterranean Foundation and of the Institute of Economic Studies on Argentine and Latin American Reality (IERAL)
08/31/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina extends its Daily Monetary Report
08/31/2016 The Central Bank signed a commitment to implement a healthy environment strategy
08/31/2016 X Economic Research Annual Award “Dr. Raúl Prebisch”
08/31/2016 VIII National Conference on Public Organizations Cultural Heritage
08/30/2016 Economy Workshop | Augusto de la Torre (World Bank)
08/26/2016 BCRA Relaxes Requirements to Open Savings Accounts as a Way to Further Financial Inclusion
08/25/2016 Economy Workshop | Guillermo Vuletin (Inter-American Development Bank)
08/25/2016 The Central Bank launches the IX National Painting Award
08/24/2016 The Central Bank discloses an increased level of statistical information about government bond holdings in financial institutions
08/19/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina starts to publish the Survey on Credit Conditions
08/18/2016 Federico Sturzenegger closed the 13th International and Monetary Economics Seminar at Universidad Nacional de La Plata
08/17/2016 The BCRA discloses an increased level of statistical information about public and private sector loans and deposits
08/16/2016 The BCRA’s monetary policy interest rate fell by 50 basis points to 29.25%
08/12/2016 The Central Bank facilitates the possibility of changing banks to promote competence
08/08/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina streamlines the Exchange Market and Removes Remaining Rules on Foreign Exchange Clamp
08/08/2016 We updated our website
08/05/2016 Financial Stability Report, July 2016
07/29/2016 The BCRA reduces its reverse repos and achieves its lowest rate ever
07/18/2016 The BCRA will Stop Persecuting 60,000 People for Foreign Exchange Violations that no Longer Exist
07/18/2016 Presentation of the Monetary Policy Report, July 2016 | IPOM
07/17/2016 500 Jaguars
07/07/2016 Monthly Monetary Report – June 2016
07/07/2016 Commemorative Coin of the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina
07/04/2016 BCRA Relaunches Market Expectations Survey (REM)
06/29/2016 AR$500 banknote already in circulation
06/24/2016 Improvements in the display of the factors explaining the variation of the Monetary Base
06/09/2016 BCRA Promotes the Opening of Bank Branches across the Country
06/16/2016 The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) released the Annual Report on the Development of the Americas at the Central Bank
06/03/2016 Thomas Sargent, Nobel Prize in Economics, visited the Central Bank
06/02/2016 XII Annual Meeting on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing