The Museum of the Central Bank at the Museums Night

On Saturday October 29, the Museum of the BCRA will join the 2016 edition of the Museum Night. Free admission.

The Museum of the Central Bank is located in San Martín 216, Buenos Aires, and will be open to the public from 8pm to 3am.

Special activities:

  • Guided tours all over the night.
  • Animal print face painting for kids.
  • Live artist show. José María Muñoz’s live painting of the jaguar.
  • Visitors will be able to strike their own jaguar medals.
  • The Central Bank’s choir, composed of 20 of its employees, will sing at 10.30pm under the direction of Gabriel Forastieri.

‘500 Jaguars’ Exhibition| Here the 500-peso banknote comes to the fore seeking to promote consciousness about biodiversity conservation as a true social value for environmental protection.

Permanent collection|It is composed of such instruments as facilitated barter during the pre-Columbian era, silver and gold coins from the Hispanic Rioplatense Colony, first national coins, provincial coining of the 19th century, monetary issues of the Caja de Conversión (1890-1935) and the Central Bank’s issues since 1935 up to the present.

About the Museum | The mission of the Historic and Numismatic Museum “Dr. José Evaristo Uriburu (H)” is to collect, exhibit and preserve Argentina’s and Latin America’s coins series that circulated in the country as from the mid-16th century; national, and provincial banknotes; as well as technical devices used to produce monetary instruments in different periods and an archive of historic documents. Click here to learn more.

October 27th, 2016

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