The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) released the Annual Report on the Development of the Americas at the Central Bank

On June 16th, 2016 the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) released the 2016 flagship publication of IDB, Development in the Americas (DIA) ´Saving for Development: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Save More and Better´, at the Central Bank of Argentina.

During the opening Federico Sturzenegger delivered a speech on this topic. To access the speech click here.

The presentation of the report was introduced by the graduates Eduardo Cavallo on behalf of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) (access his presentation here) and Tomás Serebrisky. In the discussion panel participated José María Fanelli (University of San Andrés-Conicet, access his presentation here, Miguel Kiguel (Econviews) and Andrés Neumeyer (Central Bank).

Download the book in Spanish.


The series Development in the Americas (DIA) is a flagship publication of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Each year the IDB releases a thorough study on a topic of interest in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This year release, called Saving for Development: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Save More and Better states that saving offers the region a path of bigger growth, prosperity and welfare. It rules out the argument that the main reason for saving is the protection from adverse events and the other reason is to be prepared to overcome difficult times.

Conversely, it sets that the saving target should be to lead the way for individuals to live more productive and satisfactory lives, for companies to grow and offer quality jobs and competitive goods and services and for governments to assure their citizens a developed infrastructure, efficient public services and a dignified and secure retirement.

This summary analyzes the poor condition of saving in the region currently and states some challenges and opportunities that face the three main engines of saving: households, companies and the government.

It also introduces the problem that implies having financial system slightly deep and the role this plays in the saving crisis in the region. Finally, it briefly outlines an agenda of public policies aimed at generating the savings needed for a better future. Jointly this summary and index offer an advance of the substantial information and significant implications for this year policies of the DIA release.

Report content

  1. Saving for the good times
  2. Saving situation in Latin America and the Caribbean
  3. Financial systems to add value to savings
  4. More and better saving for productive investment
  5. Saving for stability
  6. Time is running out: saving demography
  7. Saving for the future: retirement systems
  8. A better way of boosting public savings
  9. Saving starts at home
  10. Companies productivity as saving´s engine
  11. Breaking the vicious circle: financial policies for a high quality saving

Download executive summary enter here.

June 16th, 2016

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