The BCRA awarded the Economic Research Annual Award to 2016 winners

The governor of the Central Bank of Argentina, Federico Sturzenegger, awarded today the Dr. Raúl Prebisch Economic Research Annual Award to the winners of the tenth edition. Like s every year since 2007, the target of the contest is to promote and stimulate research on monetary, macroeconomic, financial and banking topics on three different categories:

Annual award for university students:

1° Prize ($30.000): Eric Grosembacher, for his essay “BCRA's Independence and Inflation: 1935-2015 Empiric Study”.

2° Prize ($20.000): Sebastián Ezequiel Senlle, for his essay “Disinflation without Appreciation: A Potential Path?”.

Annual award for young professionals

1° Prize ($60.000): Fernando Andrés Giménez Martín, for his essay “Determinants in Profitability of commercial Banks in Latin America”.

2° Prize ($40.000): Nicolás Burotto Ravanal, for his essay “Dynamics and Volatility Transmission between Commodity Futures Markets and the Stock Market”.

Annual award for PhD Thesis in Economics:

($80.000) María Inés Frapiccini, for her essay “lncome Tax and its Effects as a Redistribution Instrument”.

The Jury was composed of Andrés Neumeyer (Central Bank's Deputy General Manager for Economic Research), Ivan Werning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT), José María Fanelli (Centre for the Study of State and Society, CEDES) and George McCandless (Central Bank's Economic Research).

More information on the winners

Eric Grosembacher

Eric W. Grosembacher is a student of Economics (Licenciatura en Economía) at Universidad del CEMA and of Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). His current research focuses on assessing the relationship between the BCRA level of independence and inflation from an empirical standpoint. He earned his high school degree from Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. He is the founding member of the Youth Association "Nueva Proyección" and a voluntary member of the Center for Opening and Development of Latin America.

Sebastián Ezequiel Senlle

Sebastián Ezequiel Senlle is a student of Economics at the School of Economics of University of Buenos Aires. He has a school degree in Social Communication and earned the First Prize at the contest of Bicentennial Monographs of the Academy of La Plata in 2010. He served as advisor for research works on the sharing system at the Federal Institute of Parliamentary Studies (known in Spanish as IFEP). Currently, he works as Head of the Finance and Budget Department of the Digital Communication Consultancy "P&P Social Media" and he is about to obtain his graduate diploma in Economics from University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Fernando Andrés Giménez

Fernando Giménez obtained an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universidad Católica de Cuyo, a Master in Finance from the Universidad de San Andrés, and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Economics at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. He is analyst of sovereign debt at TPCG Valores and previously has worked as senior analyst of variable income at Crisil Irevna. In the academic field, he has worked as research and teaching assistant at the School of Business of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Nicolás Burotto Ravanal

Nicolás Burotto Ravanal holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has taken part in research works at the Center for Economic Structure Studies (known in Spanish as CENES) and as PROPAI scholar, both at UBA School of Economic Sciences. His current research focus on the impact of the exchange rate on the level of prices, volatility of commodity prices, and inflationary stabilization. At present, he works as economist at the consulting firm Sigma Global and as assistant professor in Statistics II at UBA School of Economic Sciences.

María Inés Frapiccini

María Inés Frapiccini holds a BA degree in Economics from Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca. Her academic background and research works performed in the course of her doctoral career focused on issues related to Public Finance, mainly connected with taxes on income and distribution. He works as economist at the Regional Centre for Economic Studies and as a professor in Public Finance, Economy of the State and Basis of the Economy at the careers of Economics, Management and Public Accountant of Universidad Nacional del Sur.

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December 19, 2016

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