The Central Bank of Argentina starts to publish the Survey on Credit Conditions

The Survey on Credit Conditions (Encuesta de Condiciones Crediticias, ECC) that is conducted quarterly aims at gathering additional information about the performance and the trends observed in the banking credit market. The resulting qualitative information supplements the most frequent set of quantitative statistics available to the BCRA, and contributes towards getting an insight into the factors that impact on the evolution of loans granted by the financial system.

In this survey, a group of financial institutions is asked about the evolution of credit supply and demand during the first two weeks of March, June, September and December. The questions address the performance of credit granted to companies and households, focusing on the changes observed in the ongoing quarter vis-à-vis the immediately preceding period, as well as those expected to occur over the next three months. In the case of companies, they are asked about the performance of credit lines granted to large companies and to SMEs for periods up to 1 year and more. In terms of households, information is broken down by mortgage-backed loans, pledge-backed loans, credit cards and other consumer loans.

The BCRA will quarterly post on its website, under the section Publications and Statistics / Statistics / Credit Conditions Survey , a report of the main results of each wave of the ECC. Historical results as from the very beginning (late 2009) will be displayed in tables and updated regularly. The results for the second quarter of 2016—obtained from the survey carried out between June 16 and July 7, 2016—seemingly indicate that the trend towards the contraction in demand from companies and households would soon disappear, whereas some flexibility in terms of supply of funding is expected.

The information obtained through the ECC is an essential tool for the BCRA to monitor the conditions of financial stability on a regular basis. In addition, the publication of the results of the ECC contributes to follow BCRA policy on communication transparency, enabling the general public to make informed decisions.

To know more about the characteristics of the Credit Conditions Survey click here.

August 19th, 2016

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