The Central Bank of Argentina extends its Daily Monetary Report

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) has made changes to the contents and layout of the Daily Monetary Report to offer new tools to economic players in line with its policy on information transparency. This Report is posted on section “Publications and Statistics” and, as from today, it includes the following changes:

* A set of graphics in PDF format aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the monetary context, in particular,: monetary policy interest rates and other short-term interest rates, monetary aggregates y.o.y. change, loans and deposits, the stock of BCRA securities and ratios to other variables, among other data.

* As we announced in our Press Release in June 23, 2016, direct purchases of foreign currency to the National Treasury since 2003 are displayed in an Excel broadsheet which includes daily historical series on the tab about factors that explain the variation of Monetary Base.

* A new tab, “BCRA Instruments”, has been added to that Excel file. It contains information about the stock of BCRA Bills and Notes in Nominal Value (counterparties of repo transactions with the BCRA are excluded) and holdings of financial institutions since January 2003. This information is posted weekly. In addition, repo loans and reverse repo transactions with the BCRA are detailed. Finally, interest rates of sterilization instruments are also recorded on this tab.

August 31st, 2016

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