The winners of the Financial Innovation Program organized by the BCRA


Governor Guido Sandleris and other Central Bank authorities met with the winning teams of the last edition of the Financial Innovation Program (Programa de Innovación Financiera, PIF), an initiative that rewards technology-based projects that promote financial inclusion.

The winners of the PIF explained their projects and discussed with board members how the public sector, the private sector and entrepreneurs can interact with a view to developing innovative solutions and promoting greater access to financial services.

The meeting was held by Guido Sandleris and other BCRA authorities, such as Gustavo Cañonero (Deputy Governor), Verónica Rappoport (Alternate Deputy Governor), Nicolás Gadano (General Manager), and Alejo Macaya (Financial Innovation Manager). Attending PIF winners were: Juan Correa, Alan Mac Carthy, Fabian Mealla, Tomás Mac Carthy and Andres Di Giovanni (first prize, Front); Maximiliano Alexis Isa Pavía and Mariano Benedettini (second prize, TuCuota.Online); and Nelly Ponce, Fiorella Pesce and Lucía González (third prize, Transparenta).

More about the program

The Financial Innovation Program is part of a financial inclusion agenda that pursues technological innovation for the development of more accessible and sustainable financial services. For the past three years, the BCRA together with the Modernization Secretariat have been working with entrepreneurs, companies and public organizations.

Participants submitted more than 125 projects based on Argentina’s 2018 agenda for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). The core concepts were: Digitalization, digital payments, alternative data to enhance credit reporting, and consumer protection and financial literacy.

The jurors were: Rudi Borrmann (Modernization Secretariat), Santiago Pinto Escalier (Fintech Chamber), Pablo M. Fernández (Banco Galicia), Alejo Macaya (BCRA) and Iván Novakovich (National Securities Commission). .

More on the winners

Front First Prize

A platform that allows users to save according to their savings goals. On the basis of pre-established algorithms, it sends promotional messages and allocates customers’ savings to different investments. Winners are from Buenos Aires.

Tu Cuota.Online Second Prize

Software service that enables professionals and small shops to offer different loan options according to the credit profile of their customers not only online but also at points of sale. In addition, financial institutions can offer loans at participating network stores. Winners are from Rosario, Santa Fe.

Transparenta Third Prize

Information platform on credit and investment options offered by banks. It relies on public information provided by banks and allows to link customer’s accounts through APIs. Winners are from Neuquén.

December 11, 2018

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