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BCRA Boosts Financial Education as an Inclusion Tool


The opening of the BCRA’s stand at Tecnópolis represents a landmark in financial education and inclusion. These two key goals allow for democratizing the scope of financial services, thus contributing to economic development with greater social equality.

This stand is intended for reaching people straightforwardly within the framework of strategic actions taken by the Financial Education Management Office. These measures have a federal scope and involve teachers and students from all levels, as well as households.

Educational Stand at Tecnópolis

Under the motto “Including, Teaching, and Promoting is Central”, the stand aims at promoting financial education and inclusion by learning from innovative experience in different spaces. There are several activities that seek to test visitors' knowledge of the financial system, and to let them learn all about banking and its advantages.

Some of the activities involve: a simulation run on mobile devices and an app specially designed to experience payments by transfer; an immersive 3D experience on how banknotes give way to everyday electronic transactions; a BCRA’s trivia, a 100% interactive and ludic space to answer questions on the channels and circuits through which money turns into electronic means of payment; and a micro cinema with a short film on saving tools.

The BCRA’s stand at Tecnópolis will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. (until December 12). Prior registration through the website is required.

Agreements with Provinces for Promoting Financial Education From a federal perspective, the BCRA seeks to boost financial education across the country and within each province, thus reaching those in need. The BCRA has signed agreements with several provinces since 2020, which have resulted in the successful implementation of its education programs across Argentina, including Catamarca, San Luis, Neuquén, Santa Fe, San Juan, Chaco, and Formosa.

Training Secondary School Teachers and Students

The BCRA has developed a program called Financial Education in the Classroom, a virtual training course for teachers given by BCRA’s tutors. This program is also aimed at students and the community at large.

Statistically, 2,210 teachers, almost 150,000 secondary school students, more than 37,000 of their families and citizens received financial education between 2020 and 2021. In addition, the virtual format allowed for the participation of a large number of schools in rural areas (26% out of 1,283 participating schools).

Participants received information on the way to draw up a personal or household budget, to record expenses, to use online banking and ATMs, to make payments through electronic channels, to learn about the different types of bank accounts, and to design their own saving and investment strategies, among others.

Financial Education Program Focused on the Most Vulnerable Sectors

The BCRA has been implementing the program called Finance Nearby in several provinces across the country. This program intends to reach the most vulnerable communities in terms of economic and social factors, as well as gender and age groups, among other variables.

In the Province of San Juan in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion have called tutors from the Spinning San Juan program to train more than 1,350 micro-entrepreneurs in financial education. Also, the BCRA has launched the same program for teachers and students from higher education institutes along with the Ministry of Education for the Province of San Juan. More than 440 people will receive training and, in turn, will use the tools provided by the BCRA to carry out financial education workshops for the most vulnerable sectors. In Santa Fe, the program Finance Nearby is carried out within the framework of the Santa Fe PLUS program. More than 270 workshop facilitators have registered in order to provide financial education to almost 17,000 young people.

Gender-Oriented Financial Education Training

The BCRA has been developing s the Financial Tools for Women Civil Servants program, a training course on gender-oriented financial education. This is an online training course supported by the Argentine Institute of Public Administration (Instituto Nacional de la Administración Pública, INAP). It was launched in March 2021 and reached around 650 people in the first two editions. The third edition will be in November.

Financial Education Digital Campaign for Households

Within the framework of the program “We Keep on Educating”, the BCRA has led, together with the Argentine Ministry of Education, a financial education campaign, which deals with audiovisual aids, awareness-oriented bibliography, and tutorials. Since May 2020, audiovisual aids have been broadcast on the Argentine television channel, as well as on the social media of the Ministry of Education and the BCRA.

October 16, 2021.

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