Suspension of Foreign Exchange and Financial Summary Proceedings is Extended Once Again

The BCRA has extended once again the suspension term to file foreign exchange and financial summary proceedings—up to June 28, 2020, within the terms of Law No. 19,359 on Foreign Exchange Criminal Legislation and Law No. 21,526 on Financial Institutions, respectively—, notwithstanding the validity of the proceedings carried out in such period, given the intervention of the defendant is unnecessary.

This decision has been adopted in line with Resolution No. 242/2020, which declares the term from June 8 to June 28 as non-business days.

In addition, the BCRA has taken this decision in line with the measures adopted by the Executive Power (Decree No. 520/2020) and the Supreme Court, which agreed on extending pending proceedings before all courts in the Judicial Power.

June 8, 2020.

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