Cash Withdrawal Points in Argentina

March 27, 2020. Against the backdrop of banks not being open to the public, the BCRA considers it necessary to remind the population about the existence of the cash withdrawal points available in Argentina.

Firstly, the Argentine financial system holds more than 18,000 ATMs distributed throughout the country. ATMs allow cash withdrawals from all types of accounts in domestic currency. This way, people who collect their retirement fees, pensions, allowances and salaries may also make withdrawals from their accounts at ATMs.

It is worth noting that the BCRA monitors—through the ATM chain networks— the activity of ATMs which are all at work. Likewise, banks have the required number of banknotes to supply their ATMs with cash.

In such an extraordinary situation as the current pandemic, potential issues may arise due to logistics problems rather than availability or existence of banknotes.

In turn, yesterday the BCRA issued Communication A6945, under which financial institutions cannot charge any fees for transactions carried out at ATMs (including withdrawals and balance checking) up to June 30, regardless the institution involved and the ATM company used to make the transaction.

Secondly, in addition to ATMs, there are 17,500 cash withdrawal points in shops’ cashiers (such as supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations) that allow people to withdraw cash from their bank accounts.

Thus, there are about 35,500 cash withdrawal points available to satisfy the population’s cash needs.

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