Over ARS91 Billion in Credit to MSMEs

Through a special line launched by the BCRA, financial institutions have disbursed ARS91,366.9 million in credit to MSMEs at a maximum annual interest rate of 24%.

The ensemble of financial institutions has approved loans for ARS116,654 million — out of which 78.3% have already been disbursed — and the remaining ARS31,047 million are under assessment, totaling ARS147,701 million.

In addition, the Argentine Guarantee Fund (Fondo de Garantías Argentino, FOGAR) provided sureties for financial institutions to give new loans for ARS92,020 million.

Out of the amount disbursed, ARS3,482.1 million were channeled to health services providers covered by the regulation in effect, irrespective of their size and within the framework of the COVID-19 national prevention policy.

The total credit line for MSMEs approved by the BCRA amounts at least to 220 billion pesos.

Buenos Aires, April 21, 2020.

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