The BCRA Continues Promoting Financial Education through an Agreement with the province of La Pampa


Miguel Pesce, President of the BCRA, and Sergio Ziliotto, Governor of the province of La Pampa, have signed an agreement for cooperation in financial education. It seeks to strengthen users’ knowledge and skills, and to boost the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors.

Other provinces that have signed an agreement with the BCRA since 2021 include Santa Fe, San Juan, Neuquén, Chaco, Formosa, and Misiones. Financial education programs, developed from a federal perspective, have proved to be successful in those provinces, with a record number of participants (both teachers and students).

The President of the BCRA highlighted the importance of promoting financial education and inclusion. “These agreements are of utmost importance because they reach every corner of our country and serve a dual purpose: to teach and promote financial inclusion,” pointed out Pesce, and he added: “Today we are taking another step forward in support of financial inclusion and education.”

In turn, the governor highlighted the joint work with the BCRA. This agreement is the result of coordinated efforts between the government of the province of La Pampa and the BCRA,” said Ziliotto. “The main heritage of citizens is knowledge, so it is essential to provide trainers with practical tools to train others in financial education,” he concluded.

Since 2020, 2,240 teachers (who give classes to more than 150,000 secondary school students every year) have received training through BCRA’s financial education programs. The activities also involved the transfer of financial knowledge from the students to more than 65,000 family members and other citizens. In addition, the virtual format allowed for the participation of a large number of schools in rural areas (20.5% out of 1,283 participating schools).

The BCRA has been implementing the program called Finance Nearby in several provinces across the country. This program intends to reach the most vulnerable communities in terms of economic and social factors, as well as gender and age groups, among other variables. In 2021, the BCRA provided training, through the Finance Nearby program, to 814 trainers from the provinces of Santa Fe, San Juan and Neuquén, who are key agents in organizations that provide assistance to various target groups. This way, the BCRA widens its scope of action by training groups of local key agents thanks to the agreements signed with each jurisdiction.

Agreement with the Province of La Pampa

This agreement with the province of La Pampa will be effective for three years, and provides for joint courses of action, such as:

- Designing, fostering, and assessing actions addressed to students of different educational levels.

- Promoting training programs for teachers, both online and face-to-face.

- Executing educational actions aimed at people from vulnerable groups in society, such as the retired and pensioners, social security beneficiaries, and informal workers.

In addition, the agreement provides for the signing of complementary arrangements between the BCRA and the Ministry of Education of the province of La Pampa on the development and implementation of measures to be introduced in the province.

March 23, 2022..

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