Agreement Between the BCRA and the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity


The President of the BCRA, Miguel Ángel Pesce, and the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity (Ministerio de las Mujeres, Géneros y Diversidad, MMGyD), Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, have signed a technical cooperation agreement to develop activities pivoting on policies of gender, equality and prevention of violence.

The BCRA will design a comprehensive training plan to get to grips with problems of gender, diversity and violence, thus rejecting stereotypes in the workplace. In addition, a number of projects and activities are on the way to increase the share of women and LGTBIQ+ people in management positions, thus improving equal working conditions.

“One of the first actions taken by this Board of Directors was the creation of the Promotion of Gender Policies, Respect and Appropriate Workplace Behavior Management Office. This is aimed at contributing towards the removal of gender inequality at the BCRA and across the financial system, a measure that ends up in this agreement,” said Pesce.

This agreement is part of the actions carried out by the MMGyD within the framework of the National Program for Gender Equality at Workplace, Employment and Production (IGUALAR) that intends to reduce—from a cross-sectional and human rights perspective—structural gender gaps and segregation in employment and production sectors.

“We are very pleased to sign this agreement with the BCRA because of its strategic and iconic relevance in the financial world. This agreement embodies the efforts the BCRA's authorities have been making together with expert teams since a long time ago. Undoubtedly, we are making progress in providing equal opportunities for all,” said Minister Gómez Alcorta.

The BCRA and the MMGyD have undertaken to remove hindrances and challenge social stereotypes in the workplace through actions that may contribute to the consolidation of a fairer labor market and productive structure with higher standards of equality.

Sergio Woyecheszen, BCRA Vice President; Betina Stein, Member of the Board; and Celeste Perosino, Promotion of Gender Policies, Respect and Appropriate Workplace Behavior Manager, were also present at the ceremony that took place at the BCRA. Celeste Perosino added: “This agreement is marked by an institutional commitment to taking actions that may allow women and LGBTIQ+ people hold decision-making positions to a larger extent, and make the employment quota for transgender people a reality. We need a more diverse BCRA in terms of gender, class, thinking and life paths to ensure that public policies are effective to fight against a deeply unequal country. We hope this agreement will enable us to take the necessary actions to achieve this objective.”

Pilar Escalante, Deputy Secretary of Policies on Equality; Rocío Lafuente, representative of the Program IGUALAR for Gender Equality in the Workplace, Employment and Production; and Cecilia Pato, advisor of the Deputy Secretary of Policies on Equality, also attended the ceremony on behalf of the Minister.

October 5, 2021.

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