Conference by Dora Barrancos at the BCRA

March 9, 2020. Within the framework of 8M, Dora Barrancos—renowned Argentine sociologist, historian, feminist and advisor to the Argentine Presidency—held a conference on gender and violence against women in the Bosch Room at the BCRA. The BCRA President, Miguel Pesce, presented her by saying: “It is an honor to have such a great thinker here with us”.

She opened her talk by referring to the present times as a paradigm shift in gender perspective. In that line of thought, she underscored the importance of the “Micaela Law”, which signals the “State’s determination to put an end to patriarchal violence.”

Moreover, she explained the meaning of patriarchy along history from the upper Neolithic to the present, and what it entailed for humankind until the current deconstruction of the stereotype. “The first instance of privatization by primitive communities fell on women's bodies,” said Barrancos.

The researcher also underscored the recent progress made in the Argentine legislation: the comprehensive law to stop violence against women, the equal marriage law, and the gender identity law. Finally, she closed the conference with a forceful statement: “There is a historic opportunity to overcome patriarchy”.

After this, Pesce gave Dora Barrancos a coin commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Eva Perón, and thanked BCRA board members Betina Stein and Claudia Berger for their great interest in inviting this outstanding researcher.

The conference closed the campaign conducted by the BCRA, especially on social media, which aimed to raise awareness about gender inequalities and make economic gaps more visible. The BCRA disclosed information in this regard for the first time in a specialized publication by the end of 2019, the Report on Financial Inclusion, which will be released every six months.

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