The BCRA discloses an increased level of statistical information about public and private sector loans and deposits

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) included in its Statistical Report of August broken down information about public and private sectors loans and deposits in local financial institutions. This shows the BCRA commitment to increase public access to information and to handle management on a transparent fashion.

The Statistical Report includes tables which show—by end of month—the outstanding balance of public sector loans and deposits broken down by national, provincial or municipal entities, decentralized bodies, intergovernmental corporations, companies and other public instrumentalities since December 1989.

Moreover, the Statistical Report includes—since January 2000—the outstanding balance of loans and deposits of provincial and municipal governments, companies, and other provincial and municipal instrumentalities broken down by province. Likewise, the report outlines the amount withdrawn from each province’s accounts to the order of ministries, secretaries and decentralized bodies.

In relation to the private sector, the Statistical Report shows—since January 2000— loans and deposits broken down by kind of holder—whether natural or legal person. In turn, legal persons are broken down into financial entities, insurance companies, mutual funds, among others. As to mortgage-backed and pledge-backed loans, they are broken down by loan holder—whether natural or legal person.

The disclosure of fine grained statistical information contributes to a more transparent financial system, which is one of the huge pillars of the BCRA management.

August 17th, 2016

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