Meeting with Representatives of National Universities within the Scope of the BCRA’s Academic Initiatives


For the second year in a row, the Economic Research Deputy General Management Office of the BCRA organized a virtual meeting with representatives of universities to promote the registration to the 15th edition of the "Dr. Raúl Prebisch" Economic Research Annual Award, with a deadline for submission of papers falling due on July 31. The organizers also informed about the academic activities the BCRA is conducting.

Jorge Carrera and Pablo Carreras Mayer, Members of the Board, and German Feldman, Economic Research Deputy General Manager, hosted the meeting. They will be members of the jury for this year’s Award.

Representatives of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, CONICET) and the national universities from all over the country attended the meeting. The following universities were present: Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Universidad Nacional de Jujuy (UNJU), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Universidad Nacional de Moreno (UNM), Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (UNMDP), Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR), Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT), Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego (UNTDF), Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (UNLAM), Universidad del Nordeste (UNNE), Universidad Nacional de José C. Paz (UNPAZ) and Universidad Nacional de Salta (UNSA).

During the meeting, they discussed the categories and requirements to apply for the Award. The participants were also informed about the different academic initiatives the BCRA is undertaking, such as the economic essays journal called Ensayos Económicos, the working papers published on the website of the BCRA, the Money and Banking Conference and the seminars on Economics. In this sense, the academic importance of the new agreement for cooperation between the BCRA and the CONICET, which seeks to promote the development of new research projects, was emphasized.

Feldman opened the meeting and highlighted that the Award aims at acknowledging works from different economic perspectives, and invited participants to interact in the digital chat about this initiative. The leader of the economic team of the BCRA also underscored the importance of the participation of the academic community to promote the BCRA’s lines of research.

In turn, Carrera pointed out the relevance of these activities as part of a “series of activities that the BCRA had been carried out to be connected to the academic environment.” The Member of the Board also emphasized that the objective of the Award “had always been to be as comprehensive as possible in theoretical, empirical and methodological terms”.

At the end of the meeting, Pablo Carreras Mayer highlighted the role of the BCRA in promoting research activities on applied economics. He added: "The Prebisch Award reaches all age groups across the country; we see greater and greater participation outside the scope of the universities located in the City of Buenos Aires (“universidades cabacéntricas”)". Finally, he said that the network established with the universities was “an intangible and valuable asset” for the BCRA.

The Prebisch Award is intended for university students, young professionals, and recent graduates of PhD programs in Economics and related studies in Argentina, and seeks to encourage research on monetary, macroeconomic, financial and banking issues.


April 20, 2023

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