Increased Use of Instant Debit (DEBIN) in May

June 5, 2019. The use of DEBINs registered an exponential growth in May. The number of transactions rose from 592 in April to more than 33,870 as of May 28. In turn, the amount traded exceeded ARS6.1 billion against ARS6.6 million in April.

Time deposits for non-clients were implemented in May. DEBIN is used by clients to make time deposits.

In April, the BCRA published Communication A6667, which allows users—whether they are clients or not—to make time deposits at any bank that offers a better interest rate so that they may have more chances to bring their savings into the financial system and encourage competition. The BCRA publishes in its website a comparison table of interest rates that banks offer to help users choose the most convenient time deposits.

The DEBIN was established by the BCRA in 2016 as a direct transfer payment tool and its operation has been recently improved to ease transactions (Communication A6698).


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