100° Anniversary of the Tornquinst Library

Tornquist Library was founded in 1916 by Ernesto Tornquist & Co., an Argentine company with absolute integrity and highly relevant to the economic and financial arena in our country. This library operated inside such Company for internal users and the general public until 1975 when its shareholders’ meeting adopted the resolution to endow it to the Central Bank of Argentina.

Its collections reflect the concerns of its founders who have gathered wide background information that may help understand the Argentine financial economic process. Thus, this Library is specialized in topics such as economics, banking, finance, industry, agriculture, livestock and oil. It contains 35,842 books and monographs, 1,155 periodical publications and manuscripts of influential persons of the Argentine history. Its chronological records cover from early 19th century until 1975.


This Library makes searches for specialized information, renders reference service, and allows the public to have access to all its collections available. It has rooms for both group study and quiet study, and for searching databases, reprography. Moreover, the Library offers a copying service for a fee and a self-copy service free of charge as under the restrictions of the Copyright Law and the collections’ preservation status.


Monday to Friday from 10am. to 3pm. (+54 11) 4348-3500 extension 2803. biblio@bcra.gob.ar

Reconquista 266, Buenos Aires. Edificio San Martín, ground floor, office 4.

November 16, 2015

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