New Banknote Series

Argentina’s native fauna

$50 bill

The bill

The BCRA launches the new legal tender $50 bill that will be progressively disseminated across the country as from August 15, 2018.

The obverse of the bill has been designed vertically and it features the Andean condor which has a wide geographical distribution: the bird’s nesting is from south to north and its movements reach the coast from Tierra del Fuego up to the north of Saint Mathias Gulf.

This is the fifth bill out of six in the new series called "Argentina's native fauna”.

Ícono de la huella del Hornero
Ícono de la flor
Ícono con el valor del billete
Ícono de extracción de dinero

Security Features

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Design | The foreground design is engraved in intaglio and the background in Offset.

A picture of the Andean condor with ornamental flowers is made visible together with the text “ANDEAN CONDOR”. On the right side, you can read “BANCO CENTRAL DE LA REPUBLICA ARGENTINA”.

The background shows, as a security feature, a picture of a mountainous environment in the obverse lower part. In the upper part, the sky and the Andean condor’s footprints in multiple directions are seen as a symbol of plurality; and ornamental flowers on both edges of the bill.
At the top left-hand corner, the letter “L” stands for the value of the bill in roman numbers, and at the top right-hand corner, the bird´s silhouette.


Design | Printed in Offset.

The foreground design is an artistic recreation of the Mount Aconcagua, habitat of the Andean condor. The map of the distribution of the Andean condor is between the landscape and the bicontinental map of Argentina.

A group of condors is formed when the top right and left-hand corners of the bill are joined. The footprints silhouette shown in the background in different directions continue the concept of plurality in the obverse side.

At the bottom left-hand corner, a picture of the Andean condor as an element dedicated to children.

The Andean Condor

The Andean condor is the largest flying bird in the world with a majestic flight. Vultur gryphus is the scientific name. It plays an important role in the conservation of the environment as it feeds on animal waste helping the circulation of matter in the ecosystems.

Its open wings are more than three meters long; this unique characteristic helps these birds to take advantage of air currents. It can soar at above seven thousand meters even though this does not help to save this species.

In Argentina, the Andean condor is a vulnerable species according to Resolution 348/210—Resolución 348/210—of the Environmental and Sustainable Development Secretariat of Argentina. Conservation activities are done under the Andean Condor Conservation ProgramPrograma Conservación Cóndor Andino—within the frame of the Binational Program between Chile and Argentina, an example of international collaboration that has succeeded in bringing 163 specimens back in all South America.

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Its open wings are more than three meters long;
this unique characteristic helps these birds to take advantage of air currents.

Argentina's native fauna

The new series highlights the enormous richness and biodiversity of our country.

The obverse of each bill features the image of an animal native to each Argentine region, while the reverse side depicts the habitat of each species.

This series consists of six bills featuring the Rufous hornero, the jaguar, the southern right whale, the taruca, the Andean condor and the guanaco. This design is intended to be a meeting point where Argentinians may contribute to reunion when it comes to honoring our country, and our fauna, thus causing everyone to commit with the environment, happiness and life.

For more information about the 6 animals and their habitat watch this documentary.

Together with the improvement in security and the quality of cash in circulation, the BCRA promotes the development of new means of digital payments nuevos medios de pagos digitales which reduce costs, increase security in all transactions and promotes more financial inclusion.

Issues launched in 2018
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