Banknotes of the Argentine Republic

The documentary

The documentary may be freely viewed or streamed. It depicts the life of the Argentina's native fauna on the new banknotes.

It was filmed with Full HD aerial and underwater cameras with the aim of showcasing the stunning beauty of nature.

It was directed by Juan María Raggio. Here you can watch the documentary, which is broken into 6 chapters, on the BCRA's playlist in YouTube.

About the banknotes series

With the issue of the AR$500 banknote, the Central Bank launched in June 2016 a new banknote series which displays images of some native animals of Argentina. Each banknote features an animal of a region of Argentina on the front, and its habitat on the back.

Main Features

Protagonists | Argentina’s fauna and their habitat.

Vertical Layout on the Front | This is an invitation to look at banknotes in a different way, and a new way of raising awareness on the preservation of the environment.

Banknotes of higher denomination | ARS1000, ARS500, ARS200. They make replenishment of ATMs easier, improve the distribution of cash and streamline everyday transactions.

Banknotes of the New Series

For more information about each banknote click on the image

imagen 1000 pesos
imagen 500 pesos
>imagen 200 pesos


The new banknote series garnered several international awards:

  • In addition to the Nexonuma ward, the ARS500 bill won the 2015/2016 LatiNum award for best Latin American banknote. In 2017, the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) chose the ARS500 bill among the best four banknotes in the world and awarded the second prize (shared position) on artistic merit, design, use of color and security features.
  • In turn, the ARS200 bill—featuring the southern right whale—won the 2016/2017 LatiNum award for best Latin American banknote.

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