2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The international commemorative coin programme for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil includes a collection of silver coins. The importance of the programme lies in the fact that participating countries can express their views on the sport.

This numismatic piece was designed by the Treasury Strategic Planning Management Office - Numismatic Issuance Deputy Management Office of the BCRA.

imagen de la moneda

Obverse design

The design at the center depicts a Team Group Hug surrounded by a geometric representation of the public. The hug, chosen as a symbol, embodies the group's team spirit which is also replicated on the bench and on the grandstand.

The upper arch reads “COPA MUNDIAL DE LA FIFA BRASIL 2014™” ("2014 FIFA World Cup BRAZILTM) and in the exergue the face value "5 PESOS" can be observed.

The complete design is enclosed by the years of all FIFA World Cup Series, including Brazil 2014: “1930” “1934” “1938” “1950” “1954” “1958” “1962” “1966” “1970” “1974” “1978” “1982” “1986” “1990” “1994” “1998” “2002” “2006” “2010” “2014”. The years "1978" and "1986" -- when Argentina won the World Cup -- come to the fore.

Reverse design

The center of the coin features the Argentine Coat of Arms. The legend "REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) is arranged to form the upper arch, and the year "2013" -year of coinage- shapes the lower arch.

ISSUANCE 06/11/2014
EDGE Milled
WEIGHT 13.5 g
PACKAGING Presentation case, acrylic capsule, and certificate of authenticity
MINT Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda (Royal Spanish Mint)
COINAGE 2,500 units

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