International Commemorative Coin Program Fabulous 15 “El Payador”

The International Commemorative Coin Program known as Fabulous 15 consists of a collection of silver coins and aims to promote the culture of each participant country. This series gathers the most important countries with a long-lasting numismatic tradition such as Spain, Canada, Mexico, Austria, the United Kingdom, France, China, and South Africa.

This program focuses on a numismatic piece alluding to "El Payador", which was designed by the Treasury Strategic Planning Management - Numismatic Issuance Deputy Management department of the BCRA. Characteristic features:

imagen de la moneda

Obverse design

The design at the center depicts a gaucho ballad singer (payador) dressed in traditional garments and holding a guitar. This stereotypical portrait is an icon of gaucho poetry and creative improvisation.

In the background there is an ombú tree—a natural shelter for gaucho ballad singers— and birds flying in the sky as a symbol of freedom.

The term "EL PAYADOR" is displayed in the form of an arch on top; if the coin were compared to a clock, the face value "5 PESOS" would appear in the position where the small hand is at eight; the program logo Fabulous 15 "F15" is portrayed on the right. The whole picture is enclosed by a ribbon-like pattern created by Mapuche communities—well-known as Pampa design—and a decorative ring. All iconographic components fall under the scope of the Argentine Criollo narrative.

Reverse design

The center of the coin features the Argentine Coat of Arms. The legend "REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) is arranged to form the upper arch, and the year "2014" -year of coinage- shapes the lower arch.

ISSUANCE 11/10/2014
EDGE Reeded
WEIGHT 13,5 g
PACKAGING Case, acrylic capsule, and certificate of authenticity.
MINT Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda (Royal Spanish Mint).
COINAGE 1.000 units

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