ARS2 Coin|2018

The ARS2 coin is part of the new coin series of the Peso Series: Trees of the Argentine Republic.

Obverse design

The center displays a silk floss tree, exhibiting its bottle-shaped trunk as its most noticeable characteristic feature. The upper arch reads “REPUBLICA ARGENTINA” (ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) while the lower arch reads “PALO BORRACHO” (“SILK FLOSS TREE”).

Reverse design

The silhouette of a flower from the silk floss tree appears on the left. The lower arch reads “EN UNION Y LIBERTAD” (“IN UNION AND LIBERTY”). The upper arch contains the year of coinage “2018” The phrase “2 PESOS” is shown on the upper right side in reference to the location of the Argentina's Northeast region, where the tree grows.

QUALITY Circulation
COMPOSITION Brass-plated steel
EDGE Plain
WEIGHT 5.0 g
DIAMETER 21.5 mm
MINT Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda (Argentina's Mint)
DATE OF ISSUE 12/18/18