Centennial of the Foundation of Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia, a port for the shipping of agricultural commodities produced in the interior of our country, was just a small village lying offshore the Atlantic Ocean. It was in 1907, when the discovery of petroleum changed its history for good, giving rise to a cosmopolitan city, full of strength and energy, on the edge of the Patagonian desert.

The Central Bank pays homage to this city on its 100th anniversary by issuing a commemorative “brilliant uncirculated” quality gold coin.

This coin was designed by a team of professionals from Comodoro Rivadavia composed of Silvia Brun and Laura de la Torre; and visual designers Verónica Godoy, Gerardo Hayes, Liliana Madueño, Verónica Quercia and Javier Rubina. The team drew inspiration from “PETROLEUM, WIND, THE SEA AND THE EARTH” to consider “ENERGY”, as an icon and a typical resource of Comodoro Rivadavia, a place which embraces diverse cultures from Argentina and the rest of the world. They sought to convey the idea of progress out of the vastness of the landscape and the increasing population.

These pieces were coined at Sociedad del Estado Casa de Moneda (Argentina’s Mint) and designed by the engravers Mónica Patricia Galera and Juan Domingo Castillo.

imagen de la moneda

Obverse Design

The center shows the coat of arms of Comodoro Rivadavia. The lower arch reads “2001”, while the upper arch reads “REPUBLICA ARGENTINA” (“ARGENTINE REPUBLIC”).

Reverse Design

The center of the coin features a drilling tower and, below, the face value “5 pesos”. The legend “1901 * Centenario de Comodoro Rivadavia * 2001” (1901 * Centennial of Comodoro Rivadavia * 2001) is arranged to form the upper arch. The legend “Movidos por el desafío” (“Inspired by the Challenge”) shapes the lower arch.

QUALITY Brillant Uncirculated
ISSUANCE 04/03/2001
COMPOSITION Gold (Au 900/Cu 100)
WEIGHT 8.06 g
PACKAGING Velvetex case and certificate of authenticity
MINT Sociedad del Estado Casa de Moneda (Argentina’s Mint)
COINAGE 750 units