Central Bank’s Report to Congress, Annual Report, Annual Financial Statements and Weekly Balance Sheets

In accordance with the Central Bank’s Charter and the Law on Financial Institutions (see full text in Legal Framework of the Argentine Financial System), the governor of the Central Bank is required to submit a report to the National Congress at least once a year. This report is called Annual Report to Congress and describes the development of the economy and the financial system, along with major activities conducted by the Central Bank during the period reported.

The Central Bank also publishes its Annual Financial Statements, which include, as from 1998, the financial statements, an external auditor’s report, and the internal comptroller’s report. Moreover, the Central Bank publishes Weekly Balance Sheets, which contain summarized statements showing its assets and liabilities as of the close of trading on the 7th, the 15th, the 23rd and the last day of each month.

The Annual Report (in spanish) is published to inform the public about the actions taken by the Central Bank along the year.