History of the Central Bank National Painting Award

This prize was awarded for the first time in 2007 with the purpose of promoting the development of Argentine contemporary art, encouraging the involvement of artists, and increasing the Central Bank’s pictorial assets through the purchase of paintings.

At the beginning, the award was conceived as a prize for painting. However, in the last few editions it has encompassed other works of art in agreement with the technical and conceptual expansion of art both at the domestic and international levels.

In each edition, the selected and awarded works are displayed in an itinerant exhibition that travels across the country, thus encouraging the relationship with the community.

In 2018, this initiative received the distinction Mecenati of the XXI Century from pptArt for continuously promoting visual arts in Argentina since 2007. This award is a badge of honor for the institutions that actively participate in the development of arts and society in more than 28 countries. In 2017, the Central Bank National Painting Award was declared of cultural interest by Argentina’s Ministry of Culture, and in 2010, it won the Eikon prize in the Cultural Sponsoring Category.

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Great Prize for Distinguished Painters



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